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WHAT’S NEXT: THE DOPPEL Feel Calm and Focused Naturally

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The stride of wearable fitness technology marches on. You can monitor your heart rate, body fat, activity, calories consumed and even your sleep. But this spring sees the launch of something different: a gadget that claims to influence your mood, calming you down and revving you up as required, all at a simple touch.

What it does

Doppel is a watch-style device which creates a pulse-like vibration on the inside of your wrist. Before you begin, you use an app to set a pair of your own personalised rhythms, one fast, one slow. The fast rhythm will make you feel more alert, in the same way that upbeat music will energise you, whereas the slower rhythm will calm you down. Changing from one to the other is simple. Stroke the device for the slow pulse, tap it for the quicker beat.

How it works

Your body has a natural, automatic response to changing rhythms. The clearest example of this has been shown in studies of how different tempos of music affect musicians. For example, researchers in Sweden found that choir singers can synchronise their heartbeats when they sing in unison. Breathing and heart rates can speed up or slow down according to the tempo of the music. The rhythm of the Doppel affects your brain’s perception of your heart rate, thus changing how you feel.

Product details

£125 (pre-order price). Available in black or white.

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