Profile: Sweet Enough Nutritional re-programming

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Introducing Sweet Enough

Sweet Enough offers a transformational treatment to tackle sugar dependency by addressing the issue on all levels: psychological, physiological, hormonal, emotional and physical.

Would I benefit?

The treatment is open to anyone struggling with their health, diet or weight. Everyone who suspects they might have mild, moderate and major sugar dependency issues or hasn’t had much success with their dieting or weight-loss attempts to date.

What to expect?

Sweet Enough offers treatment either through a two-day Sweet Enough seminar, or a nine-week online programme with live support from founder Lou and her team.

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According to Lou, our bodies don’t know what to do with the sugar we put into them. Sugar messes up our insulin and hormones. Addressing the cause rather than symptoms brings results. Other benefits, such as weight loss and fat reduction, come as by-products of “coming off” sugar and breaking up the perpetuating cycle of dependency.

The Sweet Enough approach is fun, entertaining and informative. It employs symbols, metaphors, music, videos and animation. The programme includes recipes, nutritionists’ advice, guidance from a fitness coach, and information on hormones and insulin, all delivered by a team of in-house experts. There’s also a Facebook group for ongoing support.

Fine out more in our interview with Lou Lebentz.

What Sweet Enough’s clients say

“I’ve learned more about weight loss in a couple of days than during a whole lifetime of dieting”



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