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Walk your way to fitness

A fun combination of walking and other exercises, WalkFit is expanding to more parks in London. Margaret Nicholls tries a change of pace… The popularity of walking has soared in London, which is not surprising when you realise how good it is for…

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Biodanza in London What Why & Where Guide

The word “Biodanza” means “dance with life”. Created and developed by an anthropologist, it reduces stress through a combination of music, movement and the expression of emotions. With regular classes, you handle stress better increase your ability…

Yoga at Work

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Silver Tuesday Burgess Park

Burgess Park – Park Life CafeBurgess Park - London  SE5 0RJEvents 51.4839469 -0.0792645999999877 Date/Time Date(s) - 18/04/201710:30 am - 12:30 pm Link to Event Location Burgess Park – Park Life Cafe Categories Movement Community…

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