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Editor’s Message

A warm welcome to all Londoners looking for a little less stress in their lives and a lot more choice when it comes to learning about the myriad of alternative and complementary health choices here in the capital. As a native Londoner, I feel…

Taking in Outside: Therapy In The Park

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Move & Release Stress

Body Active

Biodanza in London What Why & Where Guide

The word “Biodanza” means “dance with life”. Created and developed by an anthropologist, it reduces stress through a combination of music, movement and the expression of emotions. With regular classes, you handle stress…

Featured Borough: Wellbeing & Community Islington

Featured London Boroughs Islington North

Islington Featured Borough

Less-Stress London Islington Guide The sprawling borough of Islington stretches from the borders of Crouch End down to Farringdon and encompasses the vibrant hubs of Angel and Clerkenwell. Home to a lively food and culture scene, it has a youngish…

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